Monday Update: Great News!

We’re leaving the hospital and heading home.

Since he’s able to walk, the Neurologist says he needs rest until the nerves are restored- not Rehab. We can worry about strengthening later.

All the doctors, nurses and PT’s are stunned at his rate of recovery. We see God’s hand in the early diagnosis, immediate treatment, and the power of your prayers.

We can’t thank you enough for the words of encouragement and prayer.

He still has “a ways to go” till the nerves heal and his strength is restored. I’ll keep the updates coming.


Published by Al Gilbert

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9 thoughts on “Monday Update: Great News!

  1. Hey,
    Sorry to hear of Al’s diagnosis. Karen went through about 4 months of treatment and therapy when she was diagnosed with GBS. Will continue to pray for healing.

  2. Praising God for His healing power this morning!!! Continue to heal Pastor Al!! Love you both much and miss you!

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