So Grateful to be Home

We can’t even count all God’s blessings. Especially my brother and sis-n-law, who came from NC and gave such great care and company for our dad. And for our son Josh who arrived from Boise on Monday.

Thankfully, Al was able to sleep a lot yesterday. It is obvious that too much activity wears him out and intensifies the symptoms.

He said he wants to time his naps today around the ACC Basketball schedule. 🙂

We can’t say it enough: thanks for joining us in prayer during our “time of need” (Heb. 4:16).

Published by Al Gilbert

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5 thoughts on “So Grateful to be Home

  1. So glad to hear that prayers were answered favorably. Will continue to pray for full and speedy recovery. Paul
    Philippians 1:3

  2. Al & KK,
    We have been reading comments on this site to keep up with your
    prayer concerns. This has helped us know how to pray more specifically for all that you are going through. We don’t Facebook, Twitter or any of that stuff (too old!). Continuing to pray and lift you
    up to our Father God. So glad to hear of the miracles you have
    experienced in this trial so far.
    Although we have had no contact for over 20 years, you are still often in our thoughts. You have made a difference in our lives, and
    we continually thank God for the time we had to learn from you and
    create memories with your family while we lived in Virginia.
    We are currently living in southern Indiana just over the river from
    Louisville, KY. If you ever get to this area, please contact us so
    we can visit. Would love to give you hugs in person:)
    Blessings & love,
    Ralph & Beverly Allen

  3. It takes a long time to recover. Take it slow. Overdoing will set you back. It’s hard but been there and know that recovery does come!! Praying for healing of the nerves and for grace to wait on the Lord. My Japanese doctor said nerves heal st the rate of 1 mm per day. Please pm me your phone number is you would like to talk. A guy who had been through it, Randy Raines, at IMB called me and it was a great encouragement. He would be an encouragement to you as well!

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