At our church, we are walking through Luke and just came to chapter 4  — the temptation of Jesus.   Verse 2 says that Jesus was “…being tempted by the devil.” 

Just reading the word “tempted” makes us uncomfortable–at least when we discuss it publicly.  We don’t mind talking about the temptation of Jesus, or maybe even temptation in general, but we’re uncomfortable having to admit when and how we are tempted. 

We are all tempted.  We will see that our temptations are not identical to the temptations Jesus experienced.  But, we want to learn from the temptations of Jesus and apply this text to our walk with God.  

Before we dive into Luke 4, let’s consider some other verses on temptation. These verses will prepare us to apply the insights from the temptation of Jesus.  

1 Cor. 10:13

2 Cor. 2:11

1 John 2:16

Click on these verses, one-by-one, and take some time to consider how they apply to temptation.  

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