Prayer Partner Update

This week I have been teaching leaders from 5 countries. These countries are places of intense spiritual warfare and persecution. I am always convinced that the teacher learns more than the students in situations like this. Their courage and dedication put things in a new perspective.

As we share God’s Word together, I am reminded that we all bring the filter of our culture to the Scripture. Then we ask God to help us lay down our human filters as we open up our lives to Him. Together we have prayed that God would give us the understanding we need. His Spirit has opened up the Word of God to our hearts and minds.

Each day we ask a few of the students to stay behind and share prayer requests and we pray with/for them. Wow! Yesterday the requests dealt with spiritual warfare, persecution, and the desire to spread the Gospel to new places — even in the midst of great opposition. My life seems so easy compared to theirs.

I am grateful for you, our Prayer Partner. As this week comes to a close, pray for these leaders as they return home. We walked through 5 books of the New Testament this week. Pray that they will return home with a fresh grip on the Word and that the Word will have a fresh grip on their hearts.

KK & I need your prayer support. If you haven’t done so, why not sign up to be on Prayer Team? Check it out at

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