Prayer Request- Update

A few weeks ago, I shared the following Prayer Request about a freak accident.  KK had a few weeks recovery (very limited activity).  She’s doing much better now, driving and teaching her ESL and Ladies Bible Study classes.

Here’s a personal prayer request that I shared on this site.

————–Prayer Request——————-

KK had a freak accident Friday afternoon (07.26.19).

She was helping her 96 yr old dad get into the doctors office. After letting him out on the curb, she hurried to park the car. In the process, she opened the door, stepped out to tell him something, and the car slipped into reverse. It caught her foot and dragged her for some distance.

God spared  her – somehow the tire DID NOT run over her- She is still not sure how the car stopped other than hitting the curb.

She called, I drove over and took her to an “urgent care” across the street.

After multiple x-rays and examination, nothing is broken, no head injury, etc …but she has bruised ribs, deep scrapes in lots of places- and a super-swollen knee (same knee from previous surgeries).

We’re so thankful it wasn’t worse – here are the prayer requests:

1/ thank God for protecting her.

2/ pray for her rest and healing.

3/ pray for wisdom as we seek further medical attention for her knee.

Thanks for your friendship and support.

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