Encourage Global Prayer Requests

Most every day I am posting a short prayer request from the field on FaceBook.

Some (not on Facebook) want another way to get these requests.  Let me know if this way works best for you and I can share the Prayer Requests this way as well…..

Here are some of the requests that we’ve posted this week:

  • Nurse in S. Asia: “need strength to fight feelings when work is overwhelming and national ‘believers’ fall”


  • S says: “Our big request right now is that we are studying hard again to move to the next level in language to be better at ministry.”   Pray they can keep learning while already leading lots of different ministries. (S & C are workers in SE Asia)


  • JS in SE Asia asked me to share this request with you:  A man named K___ heard the Good News of Christ for the first time (last week).  When we returned to his house yesterday, K had lots of questions.  Pray with us that K will soon know Jesus.

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Encouraging Missionaries and rePlanting Shallowford.Church

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