Abiding in Christ

In John 15:1-11  Jesus challenges His disciples to Abide in Him.  He is preparing them to live on earth without Him (physically) and yet He tells them to abide in Him (spiritually).

Jesus promised He would live in His disciples through the Holy Spirit.  He challenged them to recognize His indwelling life and to depend on Him for everything:

“apart from Me you can do nothing.”  (Jn. 15: 5)

As we learn to abide in Christ, we see:

1.  God is our Source

2.  God is our Safe Place

Father, today we recognize that You are our source.  Every good gift and every perfect gift is from You.  You are the Father of lights, and there is no variation in You, and You are perfectly consistent.  Nothing about You is subject to change.  

I run to You as my safe place.  I trust in You as my source.  This day, right now, I depend on the Life of Christ as my life.  Live resurrection life in me today and fill me with the fruit of righteousness that comes from Jesus– for Your glory and praise.

In the name of Jesus, the source of my life, Amen. 

Published by Al Gilbert

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