Day 23: Praying for God’s Provision

“My God will supply all your needs…”

(Phil 4:19)


Read Phil 4: 10-20.  Now, let’s pray through these verses together.

“learned the secret of being content…”  Father, we find contentment in You!  You alone can satisfy the longing of our hearts.  Whether in abundance or need, we put our trust in You! 

“little or a lot…”  Father, we know in hard times we can be satisfied with Your provision.  When You give us a lot, we pray that we will not delight in things but delight in You. And, oh Father–press upon us the great stewardship and responsibility that comes when You give us a lot!

“can do all things…”  Father, You empower us to do Your will.  We know that all things are possible with You.  We pray that we will not draw back from Your will because we lack provision.  Give us great vision and we know that when we attempt great things…we can expect great things! 

“share (fellowship) in giving and receiving…” Father, draw Your people into fellowship with the Gospel so they will desire to respond by giving.  We know that giving and receiving is tied to our fellowship with You and the ministry of the Gospel.

“My God shall supply…”  Father, we trust You to give our church — Your church — everything needed to do Your will.  You own it all!  Move it into action for Your glory!


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