Leadership Conference: Day One



The first day of the Leadership Conference was incredible! It is obvious that you have prayed and we are walking in your prayers!

It was hard to know the exact makeup of the group.  We have pastors/wives and other church leaders and future church leaders.  I have been encouraged to see so many young leaders.

The praise and worship time is electrifying.  The room is filled with energy and anticipation.  Each message has been translated into Russian and simultaneously they are translating into Romanian and another dialect. 

KK’s first session with the women went very well.  At the end, one lady came up to KK  weeping.  The Holy Spirit convinced her of God’s love and acceptance.  KK was able to spend some extra time with the lady and her daughter. 

Prayer Requests:

  • KK leads two sessions with the women
  • I teach two sessions to the men on “Multiplying Disciples”
  • I preach final message of conference
  • Saturday we visit with the people
  • Sunday we lead in the churches


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