Prayer Update 07.10.12


Yesterday, we met with a builder.  He comes from a family that has been long time friends of the Colemans.  He is easy to talk with and helped us work through the details on the addition of the garage.  And, I told him:

“this garage is a test.  If we can come through this in one piece—we’ll talk about the rest of the remodeling that we need to get done.”

We’ve been praying about this for months and feel like this is a clear breakthrough.  So, thanks for joining us in this journey.


Miami is part of the Send City strategy to reach North America.

Yesterday a couple of the next steps started to come into focus.  We are planning a special conference with the IMB—it’s called EthneCity.  If we are going to reach the cities of North America, we have to recognize diversity and the different People Groups (ethne) living in the cities.

Also, we are looking to help church planters host some special events that give them ways to serve their communities and make more connections.  More on this later….

I am going to Miami next week to spend some time with local leadership talking about this work and praying for God’s direction.  Pray for Miami.

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